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Thanks for the Memories, America
by thatDad on July 16, 2013

thatTripUSA is almost over. With only 3 days and about 400 miles to go, soon only the memories of our "trip of a lifetime" will remain. A trip of this magnitude wouldn't be possible without the efforts of many. So, here are some important folks that I'd like to thank: ...


Never Ending Days in Crescent City
by thatBigSis on June 11, 2013
We had a long drive from Diamond Lake to Crescent City. One this drive, my dad was pulled over by a cop for speeding. This was his first time being pulled over on the trip. ...


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Saved Before Sunset: Part 2
by thatLilBro on June 11, 2013

Previously on Kyle's Trip Blog: We were in Crater Lake, Oregon when our plans didn't work out ...


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The Redwood Forest and the Angels
by thatMom on June 11, 2013

Crescent City is the location for the visitor center for the National Redwood Forest. And that's where we began our day. ...


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