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thatFamily's Answers to FAQs:
Q: What Are the Top Campgrounds Where You Have Stayed?

1.  Astoria KOA (OR)
2.  West Glacier KOA (MT)
3.  Woodstock KOA (NH)
4.  Billings "The Original" KOA (MT)
5.  Carlsbad KOA (NM)
6.  Philadelphia/West Chester KOA (PA)
7.  Capitol KOA (Millersville, MD)
8.  Boston/Cape Cod KOA (Middleboro, MA)
9.  Lake Conroe/Houston North KOA (TX)
10.  Seaview RV Resort (Eastport, ME)
11.  West Sacramento KOA (CA)
12.  Buckeye Lake/Columbus East KOA (OH)
13.  Dakota Ridge RV Resort (Golden, CO)
14.  Bastrop/SE Austin/Colorado River KOA (TX)
15.  Dandy KOA (Clanton, AL)
16.  Cartersville KOA (GA)
17.  Disney's Fort Wilderness (Lake Buena Vista, FL)
18.  Niagara Falls KOA (Grand Island, NY)
19.  Four Oaks KOA (NC)
20.  Point South KOA (SC)
21.  Sheridan KOA (WY)
22.  Saco/Old Orchard Beach KOA (ME)
23.  Townsend KOA (MT)
24.  Mystic KOA (CT)
25.  Holbrook KOA (AZ)
26.  Huntington/Fox Fire KOA (WV)
27.  Cooperstown KOA (Richfield Springs, NY)
28.  Bar Harbor/Oceanside KOA (ME)
29.  Salt Lake City KOA (UT)
T30.  New Orleans KOA (LA)
T30.  Black Hills/Rapid City KOA (SD)
T30.  Oklahoma City East KOA (OK)
T30.  Madison KOA (WI)
T30.  Phoenix/Apache Junction KOA (AZ)

Q: What Colleges/Universities Have You Visited?

Harvard University, Princeton University, Air Force Academy, Duke University, Indiana University, University of Alabama, University of Florida, University of North Carolina, Boise State University, Florida State University, Louisiana State University, Oregon State University, Texas A&M University, West Virginia University, University of Louisville, University of Minnesota, University of Nebraska, University of South Carolina, University of Texas, Baylor University, Bowling Green State University, Eastern Mennonite University, James Madison University, Kentucky State University, Linfield College, Samford University, Stephens College, Transylvania University, Troy University, Tulane University, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Xavier University

Q: Where Have You Eaten the Best Pizza?

1.  Bucceto's Smiling Teeth (Bloomington, IN)
2.  Grotto's Pizza (Lewes, DE)
3.  Flying Pie Pizza Co. (Meridian, ID)
4.  Old Chicago (Oklahoma City, OK)
5.  American Pie Pizza Co. (North Little Rock, AR)
6.  Gino's East Pizza (Chicago, IL)
7.  Mimmo's Pizzeria (Essex, VT)
8.  Mystic Pizza (Mystic, CT)
9.  Grinders (Kansas City, MO)
10.  Imo's Pizza (St. Louis, MO)
11.  Giovanni's Pizzeria (Sacramento, CA)
12.  John's Pizzeria (NYC, NY)
13.  Pizza Delight (St. Stephens, New Brunswick)
14.  Vu Villas (Butte, MT)
15.  Poor Richard's Bookstore & Pizza (Colorado Springs, CO)
Q: What Forms of Transportation Have You Used?

Airboat, Airplane (Single Engine Prop), Airplane (Jet), Amphibious Vehicle (Duck Boat), ATVs, Bicycle, Boat, Bus, Canoe, Commuter Rail, Cog Train, Cruise Ship, Dinner Cruise, Elevator, Elevated Train, Escalator, Ferry, Foot, Golf Carts, Helicopter, Horse, Hot Air Balloon, Lobster Boat, Longboard, Minivan, Moving Platform, Raft, School Bus, Segway, Skimboard, Subway, Surfboard, Taxi, Tour Bus, Train, Trolley, Truck, Water Taxi
Q: In Which States (Completed Only) Have You Had the Best Experience?

1.  Pennsylvania
2.  Colorado
3.  Alaska
4.  Arizona
5.  California
6.  Florida
7.  Hawaii
8.  Georgia
9.  Massachusetts
10.  Ohio
11.  Louisiana
12.  Minnesota
13.  North Carolina
14.  Indiana
15.  New Hampshire
16.  New York
17.  District of Columbia (Not a state, but still super cool.)
18.  Texas
19.  Virginia
20.  West Virginia
21.  Connecticut
22.  Vermont
23.  Delaware
24.  Maine
25.  Maryland
26.  Missouri
27.  Montana
28.  Wyoming
29.  Tennessee
30.  Arkansas
31.  Illinois
32.  South Carolina
33.  Alabama
34.  Idaho
35.  South Dakota
36.  Nevada
37.  New Jersey
38.  Oregon
39.  Oklahoma
40.  Kentucky
41.  North Dakota
42.  Kansas
43.  New Mexico
44.  Wisconsin
45.  Michigan
46.  Washington
47.  Utah
48.  Nebraska
49.  Iowa
50.  Mississippi
51.  Rhode Island

Q: What are Your Favorite Presidential Libraries?

1.  Ronald Reagan (Simi Valley, CA)

2.  Abraham Lincoln (Springfield, IL)

3.  Gerald Ford (Grand Rapids, MI)

4.  Richard Nixon (Yorba Linda, CA)

5.  George H.W. Bush (College Station, TX)

6.  John F. Kennedy (Boston, MA)

7.  Jimmy Carter (Atlanta, GA)

8.  Harry Truman (Independence, MO)

9.  Lyndon B. Johnson (Austin, TX)

10.  Dwight Eisenhower (Abilene, KS)

11.  Herbert Hoover (West Branch, IA)

12.  Franklin D. Roosevelt (Hyde Park, NY)

13.  William J. Clinton (Little Rock, AR)

(NOTE: George W. Bush's Presidential Library was not yet open to the public when we visited Dallas, Texas.)

Q: What Was So Good That You'd Visit Again?

Historic Philadelphia, PA; Northern New Hampshire; Groton/Mystic, CT; Plymouth, MA; Niagara Falls, NY; Hershey, PA; Gettysburg, PA; White House, Washington, DC; Captain George's Restaurant, Williamsburg, VA; Columbus Zoo, Columbus, OH; The Rouge at The Henry Ford, Dearborn, MI; Christmas Store, Frankenmuth, MI; Holiday Festival of Lights, Charleston, SC; The Potter's House, Dallas TX; Salsa Brava, Flagstaff, AZ; Hawaiian Luau, Paradise Cove, HI; Surfing, Waikiki Beach, HI; Warner Bros. Studio Tour, Burbank, CA; Yosemite National Park, Yosemite, CA; Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, CA; Snow Skiing, Mount Rose, NV; Persimmon Hill Restaurant at National Cowboy Museum, Oklahoma City, OK; Airboating, New Orleans, LA; St. Louis Arch, MO; Mall of America, Minneapolis, MN; Lake Superior, Duluth, MN; Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Medora, ND; Mount Rushmore, Black Hills, SD; Crazy Horse Memorial, Black Hills, SD; Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs, CO; Glacier National Park, West Glacier, MT; Crater Lake, OR; Anywhere in Alaska; and Yellowstone National Park, West Yellowstone, MT.



Q: On What Items Are You Spending the Most?

Food/Grocery Items ($30,978)
Miscellaneous ($27,580)
Fuel ($13,885)
Free Items ($11,170)
Activities ($9,570)
Lodging ($9,122)
Cruise ($6,025)
Airfare ($2,824)
(Updated as of: 6/6/2013)

Q: Have You Met Anyone Famous?

Rep. Paul Ryan, former Vice Presidential Candidate (in OH)

Rev. Joel Osteen, TV Personality and Pastor (in TX)

Gov. Steve Bullock, Governor of Montana (in MT)

Gov. Bill Haslam, Governor of Tennessee (in TN)

Lt. Gov. John Walsh, Lt. Governor of Montana (in MT)

Chad Knauss, NASCAR Crew Chief for Jimmie Johnson (in NC)

Roy Williams, Basketball Coach for UNC (in NC)

Richie Minervini, Comedian and Movie/TV Actor (in AK)

Arizona State Rep. Lupe Contreras (in AZ)

Arizona State Rep. Catherine Miranda (in AZ)

New Hampshire State Rep. Larry Gagne (in NH)

Rick Green, Illusionist and TV Personality (in AK)

We've also seen:

  Jack Hanna, TV Personality and Zookeeper (in VA)

  Mike Krzyzewski, Basketball Coach for Duke (in NC)

  James Carville, TV Personality and Political Strategist (in LA)

  Gov. Nathan Deal, Governor of Georgia (in GA)

  Rev. TD Jakes, TV Personality and Pastor (in TX)

  Rev. Rick Warren, TV Personality and Pastor (in CA)

  Jimbo Fisher, Football Coach for Florida State (in FL)

  Victoria Osteen, TV Personality and Pastor (in TX)

  Ralph Sampson, NBA Hall of Famer (in MA)

  Clark Howard, CNN/HLN TV Anchor (in GA)

  Christi Paul, HLN TV Anchor (in GA)

  Ryan Smith, HLN TV Anchor (in GA)

Q: Has thatTripUSA Been in the News?

Yes, RV50 has been featured on/in:

NBC's Today Show
Caters News Agency (UK)
Daily Mail Online (UK)
WPBF Channel 25 (West Palm Beach, Florida)
WPTV Channel 5 (West Palm Beach, Florida)
WGN Radio (720 AM, Chicago, Illinois)
WJBC Radio (1230 AM/93.7 FM, Bloomington, IL)
WAJR Radio (1440 AM, Morgantown, West Virginia)
Shine Radio (95.1 FM, Baltimore, Maryland)
Radio Dad (Syndicated Radio)
Junior Scholastic Magazine
National Examiner
New York Daily News
The Palm Beach Post

Q: Have You Seen Snow Falling? Where Have You Seen the Most Snow?

Yes, lots of snow has fallen on thatTripUSA!

We've seen snow in:
(In Order of Greatest to Least Snow Fall)
South Dakota
North Dakota
New Mexico
Indiana (Hail Only)
Montana (Hail Only)
Q: What Are the Top State Capitol Buildings That You Have Visited?

1.  Helena, MT
2.  Harrisburg, PA
3.  Salt Lake City, UT
4.  Dover, DE
5.  Trenton, NJ
6.  Columbus, OH
7.  Frankfort, KY
8.  Jefferson City, MO
9.  Topeka, KS
10.  Honolulu, HI
11.  Boston, MA
12.  Concord, NH
13.  Richmond, VA
14.  Boise, ID
15.  Nashville, TN
16.  St. Paul, MN
17.  Phoenix, AZ
18.  Montpelier, VT
19.  Albany, NY
20.  Augusta, ME
21.  Providence, RI
22.  Hartford, CT
23.  Salem, OR
24.  Austin, TX
25.  Sacramento, CA
26.  Springfield, IL
27.  Lansing, MI
28.  Des Moines, IA
29.  Olympia, WA
30.  Lincoln, NE
31.  Baton Rouge, LA
32.  Santa Fe, NM
33.  Indianapolis, IN
34.  Atlanta, GA
35.  Madison, WI
36.  Montgomery, AL
37.  Little Rock, AR
38.  Denver, CO
39.  Oklahoma City, OK
40.  Jackson, MS
41.  Cheyenne, WY
42.  Charleston, WV
43.  Carson City, NV
44.  Columbia, SC
45.  Tallahasee, FL
46.  Pierre, SD
47.  Bismarck, ND
48.  Raleigh, NC
49.  Juneau, AK
50.  Annapolis, MD
Q: What Are The Best Restaurants Where You Have Eaten?

1.  Liberty House (Jersey State Park, NJ)
2.  Ye Olde Oyster House (Boston, MA)
3.  Liberty Tavern (Philadelphia, PA)
4.  Chick and Ruth's Delly (Annapolis, MD)
5.  Captain George's Seafood Buffet (Williamsburg, VA)
6.  Pappadeaux (Arlington, TX)
7.  Salsa Brava (Flagstaff, AZ)
8.  Woolley's American Steakhouse (Minneapolis, MN)
9.  Persimmon Hill at National Cowboy Museum (Oklahoma City, OK)
10.  The Seafood Pot (New Orleans, LA)
11.  Baked Alaska (Astoria, OR)
12.  Rick's Press Room (Meridian, ID)
13.  The Dillard House (Dillard, GA)
14.  Rudy's BBQ (Colorado Springs, CO)
15.  Jardin Nelson (Old Montreal, QC, Canada)
16.  Brownstone Diner (Jersey City, NJ)
17.  A.W. Shucks (Charleston, SC)
18.  The Lady & Sons (Savannah, GA)
19.  The Grill at Quarterfield Station (Glen Bernie, MD)
T20.  Food for Thought (Williamsburg, VA)
T20.  Lake Effect Diner (Buffalo, NY)
Q: What Animals Have You Seen in the Wild?

Alligators, Antelope, Bager, Bald Eagles, Beaver, Big Horn Sheep, Black Bear, Black Squirrels, Blue Jays, Buffalo (American Bison), Canadian Geese, Cats, Chickens, Chipmunks, Cows, Coyote, Deer, Dogs, Dolphins, Ducks, Egret, Elk, Field Mice, Goats, Hawks, Hermit Crabs, Heron, HorsesLlama, Lobsters, Moose, Mountain Goats, Muskrat, Opossum, Orioles, Ostriches, Pheasants, Pig, Pigeons, Porcupine, Prairie Dogs, Pronghorn Antelope, Quail, Rabbits, Ravens, Roadrunner, Robins, Roosters, Seagulls, Seals, Sea Snail, Sheep, Squirrels, Starfish, Stone Crab, Terns, Turkeys, Turtles, Weasel, Whale, Worms, and more Insects than you can count

Q: What Did You Miss That You'd Visit After thatTripUSA?

Serendipity NYC (NY), North Freedom Trail (Boston, MA), North Bridge (Concord, MA), Baxter State Park (ME), Dartmouth (VT), Pittsburgh (PA), Flight 93 Memorial (Shanksville, PA), Hagerstown (MD), Harpers Ferry (WV), Antietam (MD), US Naval Academy (Annapolis, MD), Washington Monument (DC), Lambeau Field (Green Bay, WI), Upper Peninsula including Soo Locks and Mackinac Island (MI), Village at The Henry Ford (Dearborn, MI), Frankenmuth Village (MI), Notre Dame University (IN), Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IN), Mammoth Cave (KY), Talladega Motor Speedway (AL), Asheville (NC), Outer Banks including Roanoke and Kitty Hawk (NC), Maui (HI), Death Valley (CA), Lake Tahoe (NV), Zion National Park (UT), George W. Bush Presidential Library (Dallas, TX), Ozark Mountains (AR), Thorncrown Chapel (Eureka Springs, AR), Branson (MO), Cosmos Mystery Center, (Black Hills, SD), Aspen (CO), Top of Going-to-the-Sun Road, (Glacier National Park, MT), Mt. Hood (OR), Mt. Rainier (WA), Mt. McKinley (AK), Grand Tetons National Park (WY), Jackson Hole (WY), and George W. Bush Presidential Library (TX).

Q: What Types of Churches Have You Attended?

American Baptist, Assembly of God, Calvary Chapel, Catholic, Church of God, Episcopal, Mennonite, Nondenominational (including Lakewood Church, Saddleback Church, Lifechurch.TV Home, The Potter's House, and others), Online, Southern Baptist, United Church of Christ, United Methodist